WGo.js javascript library for game of go

What is WGo.js

WGo.js is javascript library for purposes of go game. The basic idea of this library is to help to create go web application easily without laborious programming of game's logic or board graphic interface. It is descendant of WGoApi and we can say WGo.js is second version of this library. I decided to remove word 'Api' from the name and add suffix '.js' as is common for javascript libraries. But in texts I use shortly WGo.

WGo.js contains two main components:

  • Board - graphical go board implemented in HTML5 canvas. It has extensive API for easy manipulation. You can add and remove predefined objects like stones on board, you can create your own objects, or even make cut-outs of board.
  • Game - object for storing of game's position and controling game's flow. With method play you can play move and create new position with rules applied.

WGo is written in javascript with help of HTML5 and WGo applications should work fine in all new browsers, even on Androids and iPhones. Unfortunately it won't work on Internet Explorer 8 and lower, because of absence of canvas element, which is crucial for drawing of a board.

WGo.js also comes with powerful go player, or more precisely sgf game viewer, which can be embedded into websites. This player is designed to be unlimitedly extendable.

Getting started

Installation of WGo.js cannot be easier. At first download WGo files and save them wherever you want. Then link javascript file into your document.

    <title>My page<title>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="wgo/wgo.min.js"></script>
  WGo.js application is here.

After that you must write your own code. Read the documentation and look at tutorial.


All code is free, licensed under the MIT license.


WGo.js has repository on GitHub. There are recent versions of all files and you can also use it for reporting issues. If you like WGo, you can also contribute.